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Weekly Flower Bouquet CSA Subscription, Farm Pickup, Fridays

2023 Flower CSA
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Weekly Flower Bouquet CSA Subscription with Farm Pickup on Fridays!

*Update: Out of stock through Spring and early Summer 2023. May open new dates for late Summer through Fall in July and will post on social media and send out our newsletter when we list late summer and fall dates.*

Enjoy 4 weeks of fresh flowers for pickup at our farm. If you'd like 8 weeks, check out with "Qty 2" for 8 if you'd like 12 (qty 3), 16 (qty4), 20 (qty5), or 24 (qty 6) weeks. We only go up to 24 weeks total.

PICKUPS FALL BETWEEN LATE APRIL, MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, and OCTOBER. CHOOSE YOUR DATES. *Note* for 2023 we will have a new baby arriving in June and will be taking off part of July and August to allow our family adjust therefore there is a lapse in the CSA schedule.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A flower CSA flower subscriptions works the same way as popular vegetable CSA's. Members receive a stunning weekly bouquet of premium, fresh flowers from our farm. Our flowers are picked the same morning members pick-up their share for peak freshness.

How It Works

- Pick Up Location: Members will pick up their share of flowers each week from our Farm Shop in Hollywood, MD.

- Pick Up Day and Time: Pick up each week is either Wednesday or Friday between 9:30 AM and 6:30 PM. Choose your pickup dates and your flowers will be ready for you in the shop when you arrive.

Instructions for pickup:

1. Checkout and receive confirmation email. Put the dates on your calendar. Your flowers will be in the shop on those dates.

2. Address for GPS: 45281 St. Cuthbert Farm Rd Hollywood, MD 20636

3. Flowers will be located in our shop on the side of the barn. Shop is located on the side of the barn closest to the house(brown door).

4. Once inside you will see a bucket of flowers wrapped in brown paper. Pick the one you like and check your name off the list.

5. Take home and get in water within 30 mins. Enjoy in your favorite vase!

If you are unable to make it out for a pickup, we will donate your bouquet.

A video detailing the pickup process can be watched here

THANK YOU for supporting our local business and we hope you enjoy your locally grown fresh flowers!

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