DIY Gardening 101

Updated: Mar 3

No green thumb required...

With a little TLC, everyone can grow vegetables and fresh cut flowers in their home garden beds.

Find what plants your interested in and start at a scale you know you can manage. Have a small plot of grass and access to a rototiller? Have a mulched landscape bed right outside your door that needs some TLC? Have a couple of containers sitting on your back deck or in the shed? Start there.

Because not everyone has a tiller and a tractor, raised beds and landscape gardens work well too. Container growing on the porch, deck, and front stoop is also a great choice, as no tilling is required.

Key steps:

- Choose a sunny space. Most crops need maximum day length, 10 hours or so.

- For landscape gardening, use a drill to make holes. Yes, a drill.

- Good quality compost. If you make your own chances are its not enough, so I recommend going to your local garden center and purchasing a bag. I use an 8oz cup of compost around the plant at the time of planting. If you are planting seeds, amend the bed your working in with compost before you plant.

- Larger pants need to be about 12"-18" apart, smaller plants like most flowers 6"-9" apart.

-A good growing garden starts with healthy transplants. Buy good quality transplants with strong root systems (lift and check). We grow high quality, heirloom varieties using organic practices, each year for sale from our farm.

Contact us at to find out what we have and to make an appointment. Our farm is open by appointment only.

Growing your own food and flowers is a fun activity for adults and kids.

Now- Get outside in the fresh Spring sunshine, stretch your limbs, and dig in the soil-- I bet you will shake those winter blues immediately!

Note about our transplants: All of our transplants come ready to plant directly into your garden beds.

To place an order for vegetable or flower transplants, or for more information about what we have available contact us at info(at)

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