Southern Maryland Sweet Corn

Who doesn't love good ol Southern Maryland sweet corn? We know it's really summer when we shuck the corn and turn on the grill. It is super difficult to grow organically, hence why it's hit or miss when we have it for you. But it's worth every try. This year we tried two varieties, grown organically on the farm. One did excellent, and the other crop was entirely consumed by our critter friends, so we will have to trial it again next year (with a better fencing system!). This years crop was small, because we didn't want to make a large investment without doing the trials. We will be planting a bigger crop next year, and look forward to sharing it with you in early July. When we don't have sweet corn, consider purchasing from our neighbors. We especially love and buy the sweet, milky varieties Sassafras Creek Farm and Zimmerman's Produce (Amish guy off Friendship School Road) grow in abundance during summer months.

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