Bagels. Pizza. Sushi.

Bagels! Pizza! Sushi! Enough said. I’m always looking for ways to make these traditionally unhealthy items more whole, hearty, and local. We like to make simple, homemade sushi using fresh asparagus, cucumbers, and herbs in season in the spring months, and add cucumbers and scallions during summer.

In the dead of winter, I like to take local winter wheat (the picture on left is from Next Step Farm in Charles County) and make homemade toasted sesame bagels and top with local raw honey.

And pizza, well, just wait for July when the vine-ripe tomatoes are delicious after ripening in the summer sun and top with all that fresh, aromatic basil. This is also a great time of year to add just-harvested garlic and onions to pizza. Mmmm, my three favorite foods, with ingridents from the farm ;)

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