Local Microgreens ready for restaurant customers

Our Microgreens:
Pizza topped with our micro mix
  • are chemical free

  • use much less water than field farming the same produce

  • are grown locally which produces minimal food miles

  • create zero agricultural runoff

  • are fresh!

  • utilize the sun and greenhouse in the spring/summer/fall months and energy efficient LED lights in the winter to grow

  • are grown in soil that is organic, and made from all waste products from other industries (such as coconut husks and discarded rice hulls). It's also produced by a Maryland Farmer

  • are 7 to 14 days old and ready for harvest as soon as the true leaves have emerged yielding a beautiful, flavorful product

  • because we grow year round we offer a constant supply of fresh, flavorful greens that have increased shelf life over out-of-state growers translating to the freshest, most flavorful ingredients possible

  • we add new varieties often so contact us about for our current offerings at info@anchoredrootsfarm.com


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