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Flowers through the Season For Florists and Event Planners

At Anchored Roots Farm, we strive to grow as many flowers as we can from our farm, which currently includes over 60 varieties throughout the season. Our growing season generally starts April 1st and ends October 31st. There's truly something special about using flowers that bloom in season for events and weddings. And there is something beautiful in bloom each month in Southern Maryland!

We sell flowers by the bucket to florists, event planners, and anyone looking for bulk flowers! We sell farmers choice and also custom buckets with your choice of colors and/or varieties of flowers.

To start the season, we have beautiful, long stemmed, pastel colored flowers brimming from our high tunnels (an enclosed grow space similar to a greenhouse), in April. Occasionally we have flowers at the end of March, weather depending. These include, tulips, heirloom daffodils, ranunculus, anemones, delphinium, blooming branches like forsythia, lilac, spirea, and more!

As we move into May, the field beds start to wake up and show off their Spring colors, expanding the flowers we offer to even more variety. Somewhere between May and June, our hundreds of peony plants start to bloom, leaving us guessing which week it will start each year! June and July are the months for the beautiful lisianthus, a wonderful wedding flower. If you love sunflowers, not just in yellows but all kinds of shapes and colors, we have them from July through October. We grow pollenless, small head varieties of sunflowers, making them nice and easy to work with in arrangements.

Cosmos are another wonderful flower blooming during this time. In August we have all kinds of fun flowers, in bold and muted shades, like zinnias, blooming in the summer heat. If you would like the beloved dahlia flower, the hit their peak from September to October, along with celosia, amaranth, ageratum, and marigolds.

(Pictured right are white cosmos in bloom August-October). It's always good to check and see if we will have flowers for November or December, but in general we will just have one or two varieties, usually lilies, stock, mums, eucalyptus, ninebark and other greenery, dried flowers such as dried hydrangeas for boutonnieres/corsages, installations and wreaths, etc.). January and February are busy months of planting on the farm, but no flowers are typically blooming. This is due to the shorter day lengths, which we, nor the flowers enjoy!

One thing to remember, we mentioned above what is typically blooming during a particular month, we never promise that a particular flower will be in bloom on your date, but these are generally the

flowers we will and will not have available. We like you too book early if you know you will need particular colors or varieties in April, May, June and September, October as these are our busiest months and flowers move quickly. A week out, we usually have a good idea of stem count available.

Here is a link to some of the flowers that we grow and the ones mentioned above.

The more open you are to using color in your flower designs, the better. Many brides choose to do whites and greens which limits us on using some really beautiful flowers that may be in season that week. If you choose to do mostly whites, please still consider adding an accent color such as blue, pale yellow, pale pink, burgundy, coral, or purple. We have all kinds of shades in these colors that often go over looked.

We offer pickup at our farm during the week between 9am and 6pm, or delivery for a fee.

Spring (April through early June): Ranunculus, Anemones, Tulips, Delphinium, Orlaya, blooming branches of forsythia, lilac, spirea and more!

Summer (Mid June through September): Lisianthus, Cosmos, Lilies, Zinnias, Celosia, and more!

Fall (September through October): Dahlias, Cosmos, Zinnias, Celosia, Sunflowers, Marigolds, Mums, Ninebark and more!

Link to learn more about bulk buckets here.

For custom orders, send an email with the dates and colors, varieties and quantities that you are looking of to


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