CSA Flower Subscription

Happiness Grown Weekly!

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. You pay upfront to help with the costs of the seeds, and then we produce flowers for you each week Spring-Fall. We also have a once a month option for 4 months. Our flower subscriptions come wrapped in compostable brown paper for easy transport.

Fresh flowers grown here on the farm, ready for your favorite vase(s). You get the cream of the crop each week, from our seasonal blooms. Expect unique flower!

Place your farm fresh blooms in your favorite vase, and enjoy a mini bedside or bathroom bouquet too. You can give a CSA as a gift, or share yours each week with friends and family.


Where are you located? Conveniently located in Hollywood, pick up flowers while out running errands, though we recommend you pickup your CSA last, since flowers won’t do well sitting in a hot car. We are located near Greenwell State Park.

Other pickup locations?

Wednesdays after 9:30am at Spice Studio in Leonardtown Square.

What if I have to miss a week?

Subscriptions are for consecutive weeks. Can you gift your flowers that week? We also allow every other week, or monthly, pickup as long as the dates are determined in advance. Please bare with us on this strict policy, it is a lot to manage logistically.

To purchase a CSA for you or to gift to a loved one, visit our SHOP.

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Anchored Roots Farm Early Spring Tunnel
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