Favorite Fresh RECIPES (by month)

Cooking 365 days a year, cooking seasonally with fresh, local foods. These are my recipes made up over time. I find the fun part is making up recipes on a whim with what's available in season. What are some of your favorite recipes? Let us know and we will post them here!


Roll it all up with blanched Chard/beet greens


Pork Stir Fry

Buy Local Challenge Week in Maryland

Skip dinner out & picnic at the beach


Grilled pork & sweet corn tacos

Sautéed beef and arugula

Watermelon & Peach Yogurt Snack

Fresh cheery tomatoes at their peek: roast 'em w/salt & potatoes


Late Summer Canning

With abundance, we quiche

So many veggies. Pile high on pizza.


Sweet potatoes and eggs-3 ways- breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Dehydrated beets!

Haukarui turnips in Chili


Kale salad with fresh garlic evoo dressing

Venison, greens, garlic and mushrooms- Slow cooked


Fetch out those canned goods and dry beans for holiday parties


Local black eyed peas are ready for welcoming the new year

3 bean spread of organic dry beans, rainbow kale "shells"


Homemade wild-caught So. Maryland oyster stew w/shiitakes- ow ow 💛

Fresh Eggs


greens, rice & stashed tomato sauce


Pizza Gone Wild

A 'Bounty'-ful Salad


The first of the Asparagus

Make something good? Share with us info@anchoredrootsfarm.com or on social media with the hashtag #anchoredrootsfarm

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