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What's growing around the farm

Back in late winter we wrote a blog post called The Long (but worthwhile) Road To Your Flower Bouquet.
It is now late July and we are happy to report, we've had a wildly successful first season of Spring and Summer flowers on the farm. Almost every variety of flowers, from the early snapdragons to the summer dahlias and black eyed susans, and everything in between, bloomed. We really didn't know how this was all going to go, after preparing for close to 6 months, and felt like we were holding our breath waiting in April.

We have come a long way since that first blog post over the winter, and this week we reached our 100th bouquet sold! From the beginning we only anticipated selling 3-5 bouquets a week, but as we got the hang of it, and the flowers took off, our small business quickly grew.
What's next. As we enter into late summer, we start tucking more tiny in the soil, in the greenhouse. Many will be planted just before the first frost this Fall, in order to get an earlier jump-start to Spring 2018. Over the fall we will plant about 1,500 plants, trees, shrubs, and seeds. We will also begin building a high tunnel, which is a covered structure (similar looking to a greenhouse) where plants will grow in the ground over winter, safe from heavy storms and snow. The high tunnel is covered with a material that helps to bring heat through, sometimes making it 20 degrees warmer inside, This really helps the frost sensitive plants get through winter, and bloom earlier in the spring. We are preparing now to bring blooms to your Easter table next year.

Thank you. All your support, large or little, has been vital to Anchored Roots Farm. We couldn't make this tiny farm turn into so many blooms without the dedication of many. That's one reason we started the Flower CSA (community supported agriculture) mid-summer and will add another one for late-summer. We hope you learn more about our farm through this blog, and something new through it too.

If you have ideas, tips, suggestions, or would like to come out and lend a hand on the farm this fall as we do some big plantings, reach out to us at

THANK YOU and see you soon!
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