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Fall on the farm!

It's a cool, crisp time of year for a variety of fresh flowers and veggies. Crops just thrive during fall in Southern Maryland. We have been busy harvesting the last of the summer flowers and moving into prime dahlia season! We are also spending our evenings covering our plants with "frost blankets"....yep, just like we add extra blankets and flannel sheets come fall, our crops get them too. This helps extend the growing season as we have warm days but frosty nights.
Fall Dahlias

We have a couple of exciting news and events coming up for Thanksgiving that we want to share with you. Our goal in sharing through this blog and our social media is to connect you more to our farm and how we grow.

"Crop blankets"
Robin Hill Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop- It's truly our favorite workshop, sipping mulled wine by the fireside while guests enjoy creating a one-of-a-kin centerpiece to take home.

Robin Hill Farm Flower Workshop
We teamed up with Days of May Florals to offer centerpieces for your Thanksgiving table, or for hosts gifts for the holiday weekend. These will be carefully crafted in a beautiful rust glazed fall vase (pictured below). Bring a little festive nature inside for the holiday. Details and to reserve yours can be found on our website.

Join us the day after Thanksgiving on Black Friday to work off that turkey and enjoy some cool, crisp air. Bring your loved ones and spend some time outside with us diggin' in the dirt. Rain or shine, we will have partial cover in our high tunnel. Bundle up in your flannel and let's have some fun on the farm.

We hope to see you the week of Thanksgiving!! Remember that our farm will be open on Black Friday, we are not open to the public, so this is a great chance to come out, see the farm, and meet us.

As we move out of November, into the winter months, the farm will shift from outdoor production to indoor production, in both our high tunnel structure and grow shop. This is secretly our favorite season, as Priscilla enjoys growing flowers from tiny seeds through to large plants for early spring planting. This process is a few months period, and some of the flowers won't even bloom until the following fall! That's a long season. During the winter months, the high tunnel is a source of warmth and sunlight for the crops, but also for the growers too!

We wish you a warm and safe and holiday season. Please keep in touch!

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