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How To Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Once you get your flowers home, here are some tips to keep your flowers fresh and vibrant after you get them home. I swear by the five tips below for getting a week (or more!) from your fresh flowers:

Some flowers go bad before others. Instead of throwing the whole bouquet out when a few flowers go bad, simply pull out the bad flowers and rearrange the flowers and greenery into a new, small bouquet, perhaps in a new vase.

I like to take the remaining few and make a bedside bouquet or one for the bathroom or beside the kitchen sink. And if your feeling adventurous, go outside and forage some fresh greens from your yard to help fill out the last of the flowers! Have fun creating new arrangements every few days.

Also, some flowers last forever (up to 14 days) like ranunculus and sunflowers, but others like peonies and dahlias, just don't last longer than 4 days.

More information can be found here:

Save this post for anytime you need a refresher!


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