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Spring flowers

Spring flowers are the first to pop up for the year, usually in our high tunnel in late March, followed by the field flowers in April.
Colorful, coming into bloom in a wide range of colors. Just what we need after a long, dull winter.
Mixed bouquets of April and May. Wrapped in a compostable brown paper.
Our Spring wildflower gardens in bloom!
Blooming branches like the ones above are a nice, airy addition to Spring arrangements.
An Easter basket of color! Love the fringed, yellow with contrasting red striped tulips!
Stunning arrangements made by these ladies at the Easter Centerpiece Workshop at The Port of Leonardtown Winery!
Pastel flowers of Spring, so many colors blooming April and May.
Daffodils, pictured above, are the first bloomers, usually arriving by mid-March.
High tunnel blooms mid-April.
Thanks for following along. We will share updates on where our spring flowers are available for sale through our Instagram and Facebook pages, as well as through our email newsletters and our online Shop.


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