We offer fresh flower buckets of garden style blooms for brides who would like to make their own wedding decor. Pricing starts at $700. We have designed a helpful instruction template for creating unique, locally grown wedding flower décor that can be purchased along with your flower package.

We grow flowers for DIY (do-it-yourself) brides and grooms who seek local and sustainable flowers and a fun opportunity to get creative and save money on wedding florals. 


Our flowers reflect the seasons, time stamping your wedding with blooms that resonate with the time of year and natural landscape. Flowers like ranunculus, anenomes and heirloom daffodils in Spring; zinnias, lisianthus, and  sunflowers in the summer; and dahlias, celosia, and lilies in Fall. These are just a few examples of our harvests- we grow over a hundred varieties of flowers and foliage throughout the year.

We do our best to meet your color palette and style, however, to ensure the best blooms in the colors and varieties of your choice, we need at least 4-6 months notice. So do not delay, contact us as soon are you know you are ready to DIY your wedding flowers.

 How it works:

We'll harvest our favorite flowers and foliages for your wedding. You can pick up, or we can deliver, your flowers the day or two before your wedding.  If you're on a budget and would like a rainbow of colors, this is a great way to get beautiful bulk flowers. 

Check out our Resources for tips and ideas! (Provided after booking.)

Your flowers will come cut and condition, ready to pop in vases, and make bouquets with. The buckets include the same ratio of foliages to fillers and focals that florists like to use. We grow hundreds of different blooms and foliages, so there is plenty to choose from through the season. We are careful to choose blooms that go well together so you can have the most stunning arrangements!

Pricing: Flowers and foliage are $1-3/stem; there is a $700 minimum. Most couples spend between $700 and $2,500. The costs will depend on how many flowers you need, if you would like specific flowers and color palettes (vs. farmers choice), and if you would like any add-on services.


- Our comprehensive DIY Wedding Flower template with tips, tricks, and FQA's to making your own wedding flowers. We also provide step-by-step information to help you feel comfortable with the flowers and less intimidated by the process. Inquire for details and pricing.

- A  private workshop on the farm for you and your "flower team" to see what's blooming and learn how to make bouquets, centerpieces, etc. Consider it a practice run, and a fun way to kick back and relax before the wedding. Or consider attending one of our regularly scheduled flower workshops.

- Space in our barn two days before the wedding to create and store your creations. Because you will need space to spread out, floral supplies and ribbons, and a cool dark room to store flowers until the day of, we offer our barn to you and your flower team. We are conveniently located in Hollywood, off Rt. 235.


Inquire about our farm fresh flowers for your wedding
We offer wedding services during the following months, please select the month of your wedding?
We are the right fit for your wedding if you are looking for farm fresh flowers in season. We can reccomend other florists in the area if you have specific flowers in mind for your wedding. Please let us know how flexible you are in your flower options.
We offer buckets of flowers for you to design yourself OR simple service (bouquets, centerpieces, bud vases and boutineers). *Note* We do not offer full service floral installations (such as arbors) at this time. Which are you looking for more information about?
Our weddings start at $700. What is your estimated budget for your wedding flowers?
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