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Growing Flowers for Florists

We love growing specialty cut flowers for our community at Anchored Roots Farm. From seed to stem, we are always planning and planting or harvesting blooms.

A couple of years ago we got into selling to florists. It has become one of our favorite parts to this business.

Florists take our product straight from our fields, to their design studios where the flowers are transformed from individual stems to a true work of art.

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting florist, Ian Tresselt of Tresselt Designs. I love his core values to support local farms and local economies, which he explains here.

It is no small feat to source only from Southern Maryland growers. We are not in close proximity to each other with most of our farms off the beaten path. To schedule with a few of us in a week is challenging and often happens over several days vs. working with a wholesaler where you can order ahead online for delivery or just walk in for all the flowers you need at a one stop shop. A few years ago, Becky of Red Tree Farmstead and I explored how to combat this for florists, and maybe one day we will!

There is something to be said about using 100% local flowers for events, as mentioned in an earlier blog post last spring. Often they are fresher, and more appetizing to the eye because they truly time stamp the date and the scenery around them.

They are the season.

We are honored to provide flowers to florists and truly appreciate them going out of their way to buy locally grown flowers from our farm.

I can’t forget to mention another florist, Days Of May, who has regularly bought our blooms for weddings and events for many years. We also sell to other florists and flower farmers too.

We look forward to connecting in with more florists in 2024!

These beautiful photos were captured by Melissa Barrick Creative Co., another brilliant local business providing brand photography and marketing services. Melissa is creative and collaborative, and can make a camera shy client light up with excitement during a shoot.

This particular shoot was for Realtor Chris McNellis. She thoughtfully pulled together a piece for a client shoot to include our locally grown flowers, Ian’s design, and Melissa’s photography, which happened to fall during Maryland’s Buy Local Challenge week!

A special thank you to Chris, Melissa and Ian, for this collaboration, as well as all of you who work endlessly to make Southern Maryland a beautiful place to be enjoyed!


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